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Chevrolet Digital Signage

"The DV4 screen has proved most beneficial when we are closed for business. It gives potential buyers a chance to see our cars and prices outside of normal opening hours."

Vincent Kelly
Sales Manager, Chevrolet Airside

Chevrolet Digital Signage

Client: Chevrolet

Project Category: Interactive

A common and often overseen waste of corporate resources is the under-utilisation of plasma / lcd screens and projectors. Many times you will experience this customer facing brand, marketing and sales tool displaying powerpoint presentations and / or sub-standard graphics. In many cases, the screens may actually even be switched off, or even worse, displaying out of date content or yesterdays news.

DV4 approached Chevrolet with our digital signage solution having discussed that their window projection display system was being under-utilised. This problem was compounded even further due to the fact that Chevrolet have such a fantastic public-facing location.
Now, their digital signage solution displays powerful, attractive and updateable content that catches the public’s eye while offering up to date, useful and attractive information. Chevrolet’s daily second hand car stock is displayed on the screen automatically in sequence along with current TV ads and a text crawl (like you would see on Sky News), which can also be updated in real-time.

Chevrolet now have the opportunity to run as many screens, outward and inward facing, from the DV4 digital signage solution. Chevrolet have leveraged more value from their initial investment in display systems to a degree they never previously imagined with our cost-effective digital signage solution.

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