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Band In The Hand

"This DV4 application hits the mark perfectly with its brilliantly designed combination of interactivity, ease of use and practicality."

Brian Scally
Director, Milestone Management

Band In The Hand

Client: Wobbly Note Records

Project Category:

DV4 have launched an iPhone application for Wobbly Note Records featuring Hoarsebox, a popular an Irish band. Having recently been approved by iTunes, the app is now available as a free download. Some of the features of this iPhone app provide fans with news, videos, bios, and songs. It also allows fans to ask questions which the band then answer through the application. Fans can also buy the band’s songs through iTunes. DV4 are one of only 3 companies in Europe who are approved to distribute songs and videos through iTunes.

This is all achieved using DV4’s proprietary content management system, which the band can use from their phones or on the web.

This Hoarsebox application is developed under DV4’s “Band in The Hand” platform. Any band can avail of this current, useful and very effective marketing tool. However, it doesn’t stop there, as any company brand can benefit from this kind of interactive viral application. Any company brand can offer value through this application to a growing iphone userbase and keep close to their audience on a much more involved, fun and trusting level.


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