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Electric Picnic

"DV4 has been doing my websites and mailers since 2000 and they are the only guys I trust"

John Reynolds
Owner of POD, POD Concerts, Electric Picnic, Forbidden Fruit, Body & Soul

Electric Picnic

Client: Electric Picnic

Project Category:

Again, Electric Picnic have chosen DV4 to build their very popular festival website.

DV4 have built a festival content management system (CMS). This allows the seamless and easy integration of Vimeo, YouTube and SoundCloud elements, which are of course, particularly relevant to promote the artists involved in each festival.

This common CMS is a base for John Reynolds to continue to build engaging rich media festival websites into the future in a quick and cost-effective manner

DV4 also continue to build an eCommerce element where festival goers can buy beer online before the festival and collect it when they arrive. We built the ordering and payment system as well as the point of collection systems.


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